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Even though we only designed PlayField.io, we still feel like we did a big impact to the project and loved the outcome. That’s why we are sharing this amazing experience with you guys! Don’t forget to check out the presentation as well.

Core features

For Playfield.io

Possibilities & functions

The project possesses

User Experience

As this platform has multiple features, view points such as gaming, social and an e-commerce view point. The user experience had to be perfect. It took us a couple a drafts!


Correct Visuals

The audience and target group here is more than clear, you can agree on that. So appealing graphics and vibrant colors were a must!



The key feature from a technical point of view for the platform was to be available to evveryone. So it had to be designed carefully to ensure quality on all screens and platforms.


What is the purpose of


The guys from Playfield.io approached us somewhere around March 2016. The inquiry for the project was appealing and very interesting, that we could not resist to get our hands involved. The rest as you say is history. Below you can read a bit more about PlayField and what it is.

Playfield is a marketplace and a community designed to help you find awesome games based on your personal preferences and what's happening in the community.

Based on your choices and any information you provide, we will be able to provide you with personal and unique recommendations for games and projects that you haven't yet discovered. We give you direct access inside the developers' minds through the game pages that pull in content about the game, both from inside Playfield as well as other platforms. You can also give feedback and suggestions from as early on as prototype or conceptual stage, and help the game become the best it can be.

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