eSports platform is bringing a new way of competing

A project that has a goal to bring gamers, eSports teams & organizations in one place for a new scene of competing, playing & winning prizes.

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UGC is geared towards producing experiential eSports events, both live and online. They’re constantly working to bring new and innovative features to our events, with the goal of providing the very best experience for players and spectators alike

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UGC eSports platform holds a direct focus on bringing all gaming enthusiasts and amateur, professional eSports players on one place for a whole bunch of gaming. It has a wide range of games and focuses on allowing players more choice & freedom when it comes to hard core gaming.

Players start off by queuing up randomly with their friends or alone into the matchmaking system. Then if they want, they create teams with which they join leagues, tournaments.

If a gamer is serious enough about his skills and motivation to become a professional, this is the right place for him. All he needs to do is fill out a small form to request an organization and after approval, set the page up and start competing on a whole different level!

To sum things up, the core features just listed in front of you are not the only ones that make this platform so awesome. There is a real time chat system which helps you to stay connected with your gamers, As well as a premium feature which helps you reach your goals as a gamer quicker! After you’re done playing withdraw your cash and go treat yourself to a new pair of headphones or a GPU.

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On this platform there are a lot of actions, functions, activities going on each second of every day. Those functions are what keeps the platform’s heart beating. Thus UGC & we came to a conclusion, that the users should be rewarded for making those steps.

This is where we introduced the achievements system. It’s pretty basic, you do something and you get rewarded for doing it. However the main difference between one achievement and other is how hard is to achieve actually something. In example, like winning a league. These higher tiered achievements will help better sort users by their activity, progression and overall dedication towards the platform.

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A word from our client
Working the crew from Ragebite has been nothing short of a pleasure. Their top notch team were able to realize our vision and even helped to improve upon it. We look forward to working with Ragebite as UGC Esports continues to evolve and grow!
UGC Everett Hicks, UGCevents Manager

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