eSports platform bringing a new way of competiting

A project that has a goal to bring gamers, eSports teams & organizations in one place for a new scene of competing, playing & winning prizes.

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Building VampGamer.com was a real treat for us at Ragebite, as we learned a lot from this project whilst constructing it. We introduced a new mix of colors that we’re very fond of. Hopefully you’ll like the presentation of the project below!

Possibilities & functions

The project possesses

Bet on Matches

As a feature, this was the core for the platform itself. As playing for real money, credits is something most players have an edge for. It is introduced in each part of the platform, starting with the regular 1v1 matches to paid leagues and so on.

Win Games & earn

The title says it all, win games and earn money. It’s that easy or is it? Nevertheless, we gave the users the ability to decide that for us. Through this platform you can deposit and withdraw money via PayPal. There is no need to go onto your PayPal account to check for transactions lists, we have that covered so you can keep track of your earnings at all times

Many Choices

This platform is suitable for any game really, as it’s based on manual reporting through by the user after the match is finished.

So to connect and start playing a game all you need to do is setup the platform id required for the game at hand and you’re done!

Possibilities & Functions

The project possesses

When the client first approached us for VampGamer.com, we were thrilled about the idea and how he wanted to present it to his users. However, we saw room for improvements and gave our special touch on the project!

VampGamer.com in general is a gaming website where users play against each other for money or just for practice depending on their choices. If the user is a newbie or a professional in gaming, this the place for him. Easy, smooth to use with an appealing design to it overall!

Challenges along the road

What were they?

  • Appeal to all gamers

    We treaded carefully when it came to designing the project, a lot of our hard work went into exactly this. It was quite an experience! But seeing as this is something we adore,

  • Overall good ux

    Platforms, web apps such as these are oftenly hard and confusing to use, so we had to make sure that every step made sense.

  • Bring something new

    This platform is not first of it’s kind. There are out there similar ones. So our main goal here was to bring a strong & unique feeling for the users.

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A word from our client
Ragebitesssssss is excellent at communicating and keeping you inform. Pixiesquad exceeded my expectations and consistently meets all deadlines.
Vampgamer Shawn, Vampgamer CEO

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