Monetize & grow your community in innovative and engaging way

With our solution, you're not offering just another space for fans - you're creating a comprehensive, shared fan experience.

Increase fan engagement

Interact with the community by placing forward premium & unique designed content for your fans

Monetize your community

Leverage your most lucrative part of your ecosystem to introduce diversified ways to generate revenue

Next century analytics for growth

Receive insight about your community to know how to grow it further, who they are, and what are their interests

Advertising as entertainment

Build brand loyalty and lasting impressions through an immersive and interactive experience

Rapid growth

Driven by passion

One space for you and your community to grow in an innovative way

Through a fan-based platform, your company can introduce new ways to present sponsors, such as sponsored content, product placement, exclusive offers and experiences, creating a win-win situation for both brands and fans.

Connect deeper with fans

Brands can gain valuable insights into their preferences, behavior and demographics, which can inform future marketing and sponsorship strategies

Lucrative opportunity for KPIs

By engaging fans through interactive and personalized experiences, leading to increased brand loyalty and revenue generation.

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Fan membership

Lets your fans to subscribe for a monthly subscription via Stripe for a specific price to unlock features.

  • Exclusive content
  • Raffles
  • On-site shop
  • Private Discord channel
  • Chance to earn additional on-site coins

Quests & coins system

For your fans to explore a variety of quests and actions to complete for coins to spend in the shop.

  • Follow, retweet, like social media
  • Watch streams or VODs (YouTube, Twitch)
  • Attend in-person watch party
  • Join AMA session
  • Join giveaway

Shop & merch system

Let your fans to get exclusive merch from to help increase monetization and to give additional value to fans

  • Buy with points earned from quests
  • Integrate with Shopify

Demographics & insight

Get more information about who your fans are, what type of community do you have

  • Google Analytics
  • Access to fan emails
  • Access to fan social media accounts

Social media feed

Connect your fanbase platform with all your social media accounts and create a tailored feed for your fans

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Add matches & tournaments

Promote your the activity of your organization by adding all matches and tournaments participated

  • Watch VODs
  • Tune in to streams

Craft giveaways for fans

Craft raffles and giveaways for your fans to participate - it comes with integration

Built-in LinkTree solution

Gain access to crafting a LinkTree page for your esports organization to help grow your fanbase

Track in-person watch parties

Craft a special QR code for every offline event and let your fans receive on-site points

Fan levels &ranking

Let your fans earn levels by completing actions and quests to learn a special rank as a fan.

Features to support your venture

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