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Gaming cafe

A great solution for a gaming cafe to fire up competitions within the community and start organizing tournaments for your customers to enjoy as a part of your offering.

Esports hub

Have a community of passionate people that are centered about a specific game or multiple game titles? Start your own esports arena with our esports tournament platform solution.

High schools and universities

The time is right to add esports to your curriculum and educate your students with more value by adding an environment where they'll be able to express the player inside of them.

Tournament organizers

Get a professional and handcrafted esports tournament platform solution to your community and introduce revenue streams that will help diversify your operations as a tournament organizer.

Esports teams

Build a centralized place for your fans to enjoy directly playing tournaments with players and content creators to build brand loyalty and open up new revenue generating opportunities.

Local or regional esports organizations

Craft a local or regional community centered around esports tournaments in game titles and play styles of your choice. Grow locally, think globally!

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Utilize an enterprise level solution to get started

Player onboarding

An environment ready to harbor an unlimited number of players and teams with a smooth registration process and onboarding to the platform to extract essential user information and making the player ready for tournaments.

Tournament system

The ability to host single and double elimination bracket tournaments with the possibility to extend to other styles such as round-robin, swiss, and others of your choice. It comes included with a full flow from start to finish.

League system

Organize leagues that last a specific amount of time with an Elo ranking system involved to keep track of progression from players and making sure a fair environment is involved through divisions and ranks.

Score reporting & disputes

A carefully dedicated & designed flow for players to play matches and input back results throughout the platform with all case scenarios with disputes covered to ensure a valid result and successful competition.

Platform coin, wallet system & shop

Create your own platform coin when players deposit fiat currency and get this as a result of it. Players can track all transactions via an in-built wallet and they can spend coins in the shop to buy your products.

Streaming integration

Incorporating streams, such as YouTube or Twitch, into your tournaments as broadcasting events is a large and key role in creating competitions, where your users can indulge in the content you craft directly on the platform.

API game data & player flow automatization

Per request we're able to connect with game API's directly to withdraw available game data to the platform such as kills, placement, points earned, and other game-specific information. Where it also brings additional automization for the match system and tournaments.

Sponsorship & ad placement

A chance to further promote your sponsors and partners in a unique way throughout the platform in specifically designed places that will quickly come to players attention and not intervene in performing any actions on the platform itself.

Dedicated player and team pages

Let your users build themselves as actual players and teams on your platform by competing in tournaments and leagues, recording their winnings, showcasing important information and communicating interests

Automatic prize payouts system

After every successfully finished tournament or league your players will want to be compensated for their time spent on the competition and with automatic prizes such as coins or gift cards they'll feel appreciated

Increase player acquisition

Promote your platform's core features, idea, and vision through a dedicated landing page and convert users to players by giving them a higher insight into the value they can expect by registering

Multi-language support

Launch your tournament platform first locally or in several countries only, where all content on the platform is displayed to the player's choosing and by the languages you made available to them

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We at Ragebite are agile and skilled to bring forward the most of ambitious ideas to life. We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to handle your imagination.

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Ragebite have ready to use solutions that you can utilize to easily craft your own esports platform.

Craft a community

Build a following around your project to offer and serve them content to consume with a competitive environment taking place

Lucrative opportunity for KPIs

By engaging players through interactive and personalized experiences, leading to increased revenue generation.

More prominent offering

Increase customer acquisition by providing them a true esports experience through enticing and fun features to use

Give value fast

Through Ragebite's work experience and solutions grasp a chance to provide value instantly and reiterate on feedback

Baseline solution with room to customize it and grow it as you see fit


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