Callblitz - gamified real-time coaching sales service

Duration - September 2022- November 2022

Don't let your reps dial alone

We connected with CallBlitz in Q3 2022 to help them out push their MVP by putting the idea to life through a seamless user journey in a state-of-the-art web application intended to scale sales reps.

Services provided

User experience & Interface design

About the product

Peer-to-peer, manager-to-rep. Listen in to live calls to give immediate actionable feedback.

Promises turned
into fun experiences

CallBlitz's core features & selling points

Team-based application

CallBlitz welcomes users to form teams for their companies, agencies, or friends. Teams can subscribe to earn perks such as private calls and more.

Ranked calls

Every call performed through CallBlitz gets rated by specific parameters helping to determine the effectiveness. This introduces a combatant and competitive spirit.

Affiliate program

Existing users could refer their colleagues to come and join, and to earn a percentage of their first deposit. By using this feature constantly users can acquire brand ambassador rank.

Dialer integration

A feature that allows users to connect to their dialers immediately to give live actionable feedback. Allows new hires to get up to speed faster through osmosis.


“The platform looked the way we imagined it. We gave our ideas and rough mock ups to their team, they asked us for some inputs on style and colors, and they built the designs out. We chatted almost daily about feedback and met weekly for general updates.”

Jack Knight
Founder of CallBlitz, a virtual salesfloor SaaS

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