Dazzardo - a crypto prediction market

Duration - January 2021- August 2021

Crypto prediction market

In early 2021, Ragebite was responsible for creating Dazzardo's unique visual identity, developing an intuitive user experience, and engineering a user interface that culminates in an MVP integrated with TradingView. Enabling users to access charting and market analysis tools. Dazzardo stands out as a cryptocurrency betting platform, specifically designed for the next generation of web3 gamers.

Services provided

Brand development, User experience & Interface design, Frontend development, Backend Development & Integration with TradingView

About the product

A betting platform where you predict the rise and fall of a cryptocurrency. Based on the prediction you win money plus other prizes!

Promises turned
into fun experiences

Dazzardo's core features & selling points

Candles & betting system

Where users predict cryptocurrency price movements within "candles," periods lasting five, ten, or thirty minutes. To enhance this experience it was integrated TradingView's advanced charting tools, enabling real-time data and market analysis within the platform.

Leaderboard & user ranking

Every time a gamer participated in a candle they were awarded points. Based on the total amount of points earned the users were ranked and placed in a leaderboard.

Affiliate program

Existing users could refer their friends to come and play, and as soon as they spent some money the person who referred earned a percentage of their deposit.

Gift & user points

At the end of each candle, all gamers received a specific amount of points based on if they won or lost. These points could be redeemed for high-value prizes.


“Ragebite delivered an amazing and outstanding UI/UX flow and good understanding for the development of the project. The cooperation was smooth and they delivered on point and within the time they expected it.

It’s very hard to find a team who can do an outstanding performance like them.”

Markus Wolf
Founder of Dazzardo

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