EliteGamingLive - a platform to play games and learn about STEM and technology pathways

Duration - December 2022- June 2023

Edtech platform

EliteGamingLIVE (EGL) is a competitive gaming league for grades 3-12 utilizing esports as an avenue to cultivate the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Services provided

Frontend development, Interactive design & QA testing

About the product

EGL utilizes kids' passion for esports to ignite the next generation of STEM leaders while finding a fitting place.

Fueling the player experience

We helped EGL with their vision through

Interactive animations

Our team helped EGL to set new standards in their lesson modules to make them animated as well as more interactive, dramatic, and fun to use for the students while navigating through the courses. This type of approach gives better learning results.

Frontend development

We placed our hands in the biggest depths of the EGL platform and helped them to push forward a variety of new features and coded UI options that made the platform feel more pleasing while playing a game, learning, or using the platform.


“Ragebite largely delivered on time and was great at taking on challenges as the project progressed.”

Kerwin Rent
Founder & CEO at EliteGamingLive

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