A Tailor-made CRM for automated campaign management

Duration - May 2023 - Present

Transform, connect, optimize

In a world where influencer marketing is often cumbersome and time-consuming, Kaizen emerges as a game-changer.
Developed by Ragebite, this platform serves as a nexus between brands and influencers, streamlining the entire marketing process. 
From influencer discovery to real-time performance metrics, Kaizen automates every step, reducing manpower and operational costs.
It's not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for modern influencer marketing.

Services provided

Content Production, UI/UX Design, Frontend development, Backend development, DevOps, QA testing & platform support.

About the product

A bridge between brands & influencers with all the metrics in a single place.

Full Potential of Influencer Marketing

Mastering Campaign Execution

Brand development

In line with our commitment to revolutionize influencer marketing, we've embraced user enthusiasm to shape Kaizen's brand identity. This cultivates a strong connection with our users, reinforcing their confidence in our comprehensive solutions and performance analytics.

UX/UI design

Kaizen's interface development places a premium on intuitive and engaging experiences, ensuring seamless access to essential features. This synergy guides users through Kaizen's innovative influencer marketing platform, mirroring its unique characteristics and forward-thinking vision.

Automated Campaign Management

Ragebite crafted an intuitive interface and robust backend infrastructure to seamlessly automate influencer campaigns. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure efficient influencer discovery, campaign execution, and performance tracking. With RAGEBITE's expertise, Kaizen empowers brands to optimize their marketing efforts effortlessly.

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Video Views, CTR, Budget, CPM, and Other Marketing Stats: With Kaizen's advanced analytics suite developed by RAGEBITE, brands gain in-depth insights into every aspect of the influencer campaigns. Track video views to measure audience engagement, monitor click-through rates (CTR) and manage budgets to optimize spending.

Multi-influencer Campaign Coordination

Kaizen simplifies the process of onboarding multiple influencers to a campaign. The platform offers intuitive tools for managing influencer relationships, from initial outreach to contract negotiation and content collaboration. With features such as centralized communication channels, brands can seamlessly coordinate with influencers, ensuring alignment with campaign objectives and timelines.

Result-Driven Budget Allocation

Brands can optimize their investments by strategically allocating funds across regions and influencers from diverse topics. The platform provides granular control over budget distribution, allowing brands to tailor their spending based on performance metrics, audience demographics, and campaign objectives. Whether targeting specific geographic markets or partnering with influencers from various niches, Kaizen empowers brands to drive results and maximize ROI.

Customizable Link Tracking

Developed a solution where every influencer receives a unique tracking link to include in their promotional content. These links are tailored to each influencer's audience and content, allowing brands to gain deeper insights into the performance of their campaign across different channels and influencers. By tracking clicks, conversions, and other engagement metrics associated with these links, brands can accurately measure the impact of each influencer's efforts.

API Integration Suite

Integrates with YouTube and Twitch APIs to extract valuable insights from influencer accounts. This suite allows for the direct extraction of relevant data, such as audience demographics, engagement metrics, and content performance, and feeds it into the platform in real-time. By harnessing the power of API integration, brands gain immediate access to actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Functionalities & Scope

“They're a competent team with a good sense of our company's industry.”

Lorenzo Andre
CEO, Kaizen Talent

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