Sportdollars - play to earn and wager matches platform

Duration - November 2021 - June 2022

First esports platform in Kenya


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Money earned by players

Sportdollars brings to gamers a thrilling ecosystem revolved around 1v1 challenges for real money rewards.

Services provided

Branding, UI/UX Design, Frontend development, Backend development, DevOps, QA testing & platform support.

About the product

A wager platform built with features designed to help gamers join challenges based on skill.

Promises turned
into fun experiences

Core features developed for Sportdollars

Wager 1v1 gamer challenges

The focal point of the platform allows gamers to challenge each other either randomly or directly. When a challenge is created, a gamer can set an amount of money and a ruleset for the playoff that the opponent will have to follow.

App structure environment

The Sportdollars has been built to have an application sense for gamers as it has a more fluid user journey and intuitive flow due to their major target audience being on mobile. Overall this brings an equal experience throughout all devices.

Payeer - payment processor integration

PAYEER is an electronic wallet that allows gamers on the platform to easily deposit funds on their account in order to participate in challenges. Furthermore it brings gamers an option to instantly withdraw their funds.

Manual score reporting & dispute system

Gamers report results to the platform after every completed match by filling out a simple prompt. The dispute system allows the admin to connect with the gamers and bring a decision in case of non-matching results.

Real-time actions and functionalities

The tournament and match phases are updated in real-time when gamers interact with the platform, i.e., joining a tournament or reporting score results. Gamers can chat with each other by instantly receiving and sending messages.

Message system

The message system is there to help gamers connect with people they want to challenge to see whether they have an interest or the availability to play immediately. It is a great tool to bring the community closer together.


“The Ragebite team grasps things in a single flash! During our cooperation we had to change the requirements for our gaming platform several times and fortunately it didn't cause any hiccups. We got an amazing product at the end!”

Rodger Ndungu
Founder of Sportdollars

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