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Duration - 2017-2018

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UGC Events holds a direct focus on bringing all gaming enthusiasts and amateur, professional esports players into one place for first-hand contact with competitive gaming. It focuses on allowing players freedom when it comes to game variety.

Services provided

Content Production, UI/UX Design, Frontend development, Backend development, DevOps, QA testing & platform support.

About the product

An architected all-inclusive and scalable multi-game platform with a bonafide community, plus a premier leader in the sector.

Promises turned
into fun experiences

Core features developed for UGC Events

Premium player subscription

A revenue generating feature designed to allow gamers to constantly support the platform by subscribing for a higher account status 'premium' that has an additional set of perks such as no ads and access to premium-type tournaments.

Tournament bracket integration

Tournament bracket system with both knockout and double-elimination playoff styles. A knockout tournament removes players from participating after one loss, where double-Elim. brings a second chance to win.

140 unique achievements

An achievement system with a goal to give gamers and teams a higher sense of reward for completing a certain type of action or reaching a specific milestone of content progression such as for example 'five matches won in a row'.

Manual score reporting & dispute system

Gamers report results to the platform after every completed match by filling out a simple prompt. The dispute system allows the admin to connect with the gamers and bring a decision in case of non-matching results.

Party mode for gamers

Besides the standard single-player or team playoffs, the platform supports an in-depth gamer party registration process for their tournaments and matchmaking system. A party is a temporary team created by a group of gamers.

Friends system

The friends system is there to help gamers sort people that they want to share their time spent on the platform more effectively. It allows gamers to connect more easily either through chat or when joining a tournament.


“Working the crew from Ragebite has been nothing short of a pleasure. Their top notch team were able to realize our vision and even helped to improve upon it. We look forward to working with Ragebite as UGC Esports continues to evolve and grow!”

Everett Hicks
Event Manager at UGC Esports

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