SPIRIT - The all-access pass to next-level Esports experience

Duration - May 2023 - Present

Navigate, compete, & conquer

SPIRIT is a cutting-edge Esports experience that brings together desktop and mobile gamers in a unified hub. Crafted to provide unparalleled ease of navigation and consistent gameplay, it simply revolutionizes how players engage.

Services provided

Brand development, UX/UI design

About the product

SPIRIT is a unified hub for esports, delivering seamless gaming across desktop and mobile.

Igniting passion across platforms!

Bringing SPIRIT to every game, everywhere!

Brand development

In shaping the brand, we channeled user enthusiasm to craft an identity that embodies a passionate and eccentric experience. The result is a brand that doesn't just meet user expectations but connects them directly to SPIRIT's overarching vision.

UX/UI design

Prioritizing user-friendly navigation, the interface was developed to offer both intuitive and captivating experiences. Seamless access to essential elements was ensured, ultimately aligning the user's journey with the unique attributes and vision of SPIRIT's gaming ecosystem.


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