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We channel our passion through multiple streams, and creating products that empower the industries we work in is one of our ways.

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KryptX - gamified crypto trading platform

A trade-to-earn platform with an AI coach to minimize losses and maximize profits with gamification tools. Ragebite completed the user journey and visualization of the product.


Callblitz - gamified real-time coaching sales service

A peer-to-peer and manager-to-rep tool to listen to live calls and give actionable feedback. Ragebite connected with CallBlitz to visualize their idea to a MVP.


Playbeyond - esports platform to host leagues powered by Logitech

A tool for gathering gamers to play tournaments and leagues, and a part of Logitech's esports division in the US market. We were tasked to craft, launch, and maintain the platform.


Dazzardo - a crypto prediction market

A prediction market centered around indicating the rise or fall of a cryptocurrency with gamification tools. Ragebite helped Dazzardo to visualize their MVP through a designed front-end application.


Sportdollars - Play to earn and wager matches platform

A tool focused on promoting gaming in the African region with challenges based on skill for fiat currency rewards. Ragebite was tasked to craft and launch the MVP.


Cracken Esports - gaming platform to engage in various challenges

A home for gamers to play tournaments in the South America region with a sense of progression with a loot and trade system. Our team crafted the platform and helped them launch their MVP.


UGC Esports - a platform to play and connect in different games

A developmental pipeline allowing every gamer to become a pro through playing tournaments. Ragebite was tasked to create and push the MVP platform publicly.

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