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By using latest technologies we shape digital products

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We produce an engaging, cutting-edge, and useful design

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Our work shapes visuals to connect products with an audience

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We push the limit of digital entertainment

Working with companies worldwide, we develop software solutions that connect brands and audiences through an immersive experience.

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We're agile-oriented and fast-paced to deliver measurable results in a given time frame.


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With our comprehensive approach and efficient execution, we guarantee a successful and timely launch of your MVP, allowing you to gain valuable market insights and generate traction for your business.


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Discovery and data gathering

During this phase we apply extensive research methods to gather project data.


Planning and milestones

Every part of the project, from start to execution, needs to be well organized.


Development and testing

Putting pieces of a puzzle together into shape run by multiple checks to assure quality is provided.


Delivery and

A smooth and guided handover process followed by an adjusting period to ensure initial goals set.

Ragebite provides software solutions that empower the entertainment industry and brings more happiness and engagement to everyday people.

Fanbase platform

Lets you monetize and connect with your followers for the exclusive content you produce. Introduce features such as NFT rewards, coins, fan quizzes, polls, streams, and others to create a stronger brand image and presence around yourself as a content creator, streamer, or celebrity.


Tournament platforms

Gathers gamers into a single place with the quality of life gamer experience, where they participate in your tournament ecosystem. Utilize a suite of tools to gather a database of gamers and grow your business through options such as entry fees, premium, sponsor placement, and others.


Streaming platforms

Online entertainment source with a focus on gaming and the most popular way to deliver content currently. Connect communities, content creators, and users into a synergy. A way to reach new audiences and create your own network of people that you can reach out to through the entertainment source provided.

Training / Coaching Apps

Introduce a new form of education for gamers and a range of digital virtual coaching tools, both for individual and group solutions, and are designed especially to help amateur gamers overcome the most common professional challenges. A solution that lets you monetize education and lessons in multiple ways and shapes.

Teamfinder apps

Create an environment for gamers to connect with each other to form new teams. Where they can play a variety of games, chat with friends, and meet new people. Grow communities around games and bridge the gap between game publishers and consumers. Receive and leverage the insight into gamer data you create.

NFT-related products

Start an NFT marketplace to onboard and monetize your community artists. Get a solution for your community to mint their own NFTs, gameFI your coin, or introduce to the web3 community your new NFT collection. Leverage NFTs as a technology to craft and empower important business aspects.

Gamified trading platforms

A curve is thrown to trading by introducing an entertainment aspect by letting traders comprehend the experience in a gamified way, where advanced investment portfolios are made clear as well as fun. The sense of progression and competition between traders upgrades the trading ecosystem to a new level.

Betting and gambling apps

Assemble your users to place bets on their favorite teams, tournaments, and players where they grasp rewards for predicting the results. Push forward new intuitive and genuine ways for people to cash in their resources with an entertaining aspect set in motion. Take advantage of the trend of adding gaming to gambling.

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“Ragebite is a true example of how your development partner should be, from good communication, delivering on time, and understanding your thoughts to build upon the ideas that improve your project.”

Mustafa Kur
Project Manager at 365Games

“We approached the Ragebite team with a complex and ever-evolving development project - they took the time to get everything right from development to support and we are very pleased with the end result”

Joseph Bentley
Head of Operations & Strategy, Logitech G Esports Services

“Ragebite largely delivered on time and was great at taking on challenges as the project progressed.”

Kerwin Rent
Founder & CEO at EliteGamingLive

“The platform looked the way we imagined it. We gave our ideas and rough mock ups to their team, they asked us for some inputs on style and colors, and they built the designs out. We chatted almost daily about feedback and met weekly for general updates.”

Jack Knight
Founder of CallBlitz, a virtual salesfloor SaaS

“Working the crew from Ragebite has been nothing short of a pleasure. Their top notch team were able to realize our vision and even helped to improve upon it. We look forward to working with Ragebite as UGC Esports continues to evolve and grow!”

Everett Hicks
Event Manager at UGC Esports

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