We build digital products for next generations

Our mission is to deliver engaging experiences and added value to end users through utilzing cutting-edge technologies.

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Over the years, we have developed products and connected with numerous founders, gaining valuable insights into their goals and aspirations. Our industry expertise allows us to design tailored solutions that drive engagement and add significant value.

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Tournament platform

Create a custom tournament platform with advanced matchmaking, real-time stats, and user-friendly interfaces for seamless competition management.

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Fandom Platform

Develop a custom fandom platform with interactive features, real-time updates, and community tools to engage and connect fans worldwide.

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EduTech Platform

Create a custom EduTech platform with interactive learning modules, progress tracking, and user-friendly interfaces for effective education.

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Merch Platform

Create a custom merchandising platform with advanced inventory management, real-time analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for optimized merch operations.

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Coaching platform

Develop a custom coaching platform with interactive sessions, progress tracking, and user-friendly interfaces for optimized coaching experiences.

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Game Economy

Create a custom merchandising platform with advanced inventory management, real-time analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for efficient operations.

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Campaign Management

Create a custom campaign management platform with advanced planning, real-time tracking, and user-friendly interfaces for optimized marketing campaigns.

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CRM Platform

Create a custom CRM platform with advanced contact management, real-time analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for improved customer relationships.

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Influencer Discovery

Develop a custom influencer discovery tool with advanced search, real-time data, and user-friendly interfaces to optimize influencer marketing.

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Marketing Analytics

Build a custom marketing analytics platform with real-time data, detailed insights, and user-friendly dashboards for effective marketing strategies.


Audience Engagement

Create a custom audience engagement tool with gamification, interactive features, and user-friendly interfaces to boost audience interaction.

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We use gamification to enhance engagement and user loyalty

Incorporating elements like rewards, challenges, and leaderboards into digital experiences, we create interactive and captivating platforms that keep users coming back.

2017Founding year

We support visionaries through our technology and provide humans with immersive experiences


Get your MVP to the market in 90 days

Understanding the rapid pace of industries, we developed the RGBT Core, which enables us to swiftly launch digital products.

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If you need to get started instantly and to own technology and IP rights we have a solution for you!


Building strong partnerships with our clients was number one priority since day one. We are multiple time awarded by numerous publications.


We approached the Ragebite team with a complex and ever-evolving development project - they took the time to get everything right from development to support and we are very pleased with the end result

Jospeh Bently

Head of Operations & Strategy @ LogitechG


The platform looked the way we imagined it. We gave our ideas and rough mock ups to their team, they asked us for some inputs on style and colors, 
and they built the designs out.

Jack Knight

Founder & CEO @CallBlitz


Ragebite largely delivered on time and was great at taking on challenges as the project progressed.

Kerwin Rant

CEO & Founder @EliteGamingLive