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Custom Marketing Solutions

Our solution offers real-time data, advanced analytics, and user-friendly interfaces to provide deep insights and enhance your marketing strategies.

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Custom Marketing Analytics Platforms offer comprehensive data integration, real-time reporting, predictive modeling, multi-channel attribution, and customizable dashboards, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimizing marketing ROI.

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Crucial for businesses of all sizes, marketing agencies, e-commerce companies, and digital advertisers seeking to gain deeper insights into their marketing efforts and improve campaign performance across various channels.

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Real-Time Data Tracking

Access real-time data tracking to monitor marketing campaign performance instantly. This feature ensures that you have the latest information to make timely adjustments and optimize your marketing efforts.

Customer Segmentation

Utilize advanced analytics to segment your audience based on various criteria such as behavior, demographics, and engagement. This allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Campaign Performance Analysis

Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns with detailed metrics and KPIs. Our solution helps you understand what works and what doesn’t, allowing for continuous improvement.

Conversion Tracking

Implement conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in driving desired actions. This feature provides insights into your ROI and helps optimize your marketing strategies.

Customizable Dashboards

Design intuitive and customizable dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of all your marketing activities. Features like real-time updates, detailed analytics, and easy navigation enhance your decision-making process.

Automated Reporting

Generate automated reports that provide insights into your marketing performance. Automated reporting saves time and ensures you have consistent and accurate data to review and analyze.


Let's discuss your project and how we can help you build it.

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We start by understanding your specific marketing needs and goals, then design and develop a custom solution tailored to provide real-time data, advanced analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for effective marketing strategies.

Our solution can track various data points in real-time, including website traffic, campaign performance, customer behavior, and conversion rates, ensuring you have the most current information.

Customer segmentation allows you to target specific groups more effectively, leading to more personalized and impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with different segments of your audience.

We focus on intuitive design and user experience, incorporating features like customizable dashboards, real-time updates, and detailed analytics to enhance the overall user experience.

Automated reporting generates consistent and accurate reports on your marketing performance, saving time and ensuring you have reliable data to review and analyze regularly.

Yes, our solution supports multiple APIs and data formats, enabling seamless integration with your existing marketing tools and platforms for a cohesive marketing workflow.


Merging creativity and technical skills to build digital products. We understand specific challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and user engagement.

Deep domain expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge in key industries. This allows us to grasp complex problems quickly and develop targeted solutions that address specific market needs.

Strong portfolio & proven results

We have a track record of successful projects across various sectors. Our work demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality products that meet client objectives.

Dynamic, skilled & driven team

Our professionals bring diverse skills and experience to each project. We work together to solve problems and create innovative solutions for our clients.

Partner oriented approach

We build lasting relationships with our clients. By understanding their goals and challenges, we deliver tailored solutions that support their long-term success.


Building strong partnerships with our clients was number one priority since day one. We are multiple time awarded by numerous publications.


They've got a lot of experience in the industry. Ragebite leads a timely and accommodating process through a supportive approach.

Skyler Camper

Founder @StatsEdge


They're a competent team with a good sense of our company's industry.

Lorenzo Andre

CEO & Founder @KaizenTalent


Ragebite sets the gold standard for what a development partner should be. Their knack for clear communication, timely delivery, and insightful contributions to idea development has been invaluable for elevating Lucidia Metaverse to new heights.

Victoria Iskiyaeva

CMO @Lucidia.io