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Software Development

Your one-stop shop to quickly realize your project, set future phase updates, and streamline your development process. Turn your vision into life with us and watch success metrics get achieved.

Eloisa Marchesoni


As your software development partners, we work at the forefront of digital product development. Our clients value our technical expertise and deep industry knowledge.

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Our team of frontend developers are the experts who translate the design and feel of your digital product. We use various tools and languages to build the user interface and ensure it is visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and responsive to different devices. They work closely with our designers and backend developers to ensure that the final product looks great and functions seamlessly.


Our team of backend developers are the engineers who build and maintain the internal systems that keep your digital product running smoothly. We use programming languages to build the server-side logic and connect it to databases, APIs and other services. They are also responsible for ensuring that the website or application is secure, reliable and can handle a large number of users.


Our DevOps team is responsible for automating and streamlining the software development process, from building and testing code to deploying and monitoring it in production. We use various tools and practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and cloud infrastructure to ensure that the product is always up-to-date, secure and available for the users. With DevOps, we can quickly identify and fix problems, release new features, and improve the overall performance of your digital product.

Quality Assurance

Our Q&A team is responsible for testing the website or application to identify any issues and ensure that it meets your specifications. We use a variety of testing methods such as manual testing, automated testing, and user acceptance testing to ensure that the product is of high quality, reliable, and user-friendly. With quality assurance, we can ensure that your digital product is ready for real-world usage, and that it meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

// Workflow

Agile and on time we keep you in the loop

2017founding year
3moMVP time-to-market

01 Project discovery

Understanding client needs, analyzing requirements, and defining project goals to ensure successful outcomes.


02 Planning and milestones

Creating detailed project plans, setting milestones, and scheduling timelines to track progress effectively.



Executing the project plan by developing, testing, and refining the product to meet specifications.


04 Delivery and support

Delivering the final product and providing ongoing support to ensure client satisfaction and success.

// FAQ


We follow an agile methodology, breaking the development process into 2-week sprints. This approach keeps you engaged, ensures flexibility, and allows for continuous improvement throughout the project lifecycle.

After the product is launched, we provide continuous development and support. Our team is available to address any issues, implement updates, and scale the product based on evolving market needs and user feedback.

Yes, our backend developers are skilled in integrating various third-party services and APIs to enhance the functionality of your digital product. We ensure seamless integration to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your requirements.

Our backend development team implements robust security measures, including encryption, secure APIs, and regular security audits. We follow best practices to protect your product from potential threats and ensure data integrity.

// Development From Scratch

Specializing in building products from the ground up, we create custom solutions tailored to specific needs. This process involves planning, designing, and developing high-quality, scalable products ready for market success.

// Partnering on Ongoing Projects

Our team integrates into existing projects, bringing technical expertise to enhance, optimize, and expand codebases. Whether adding features, improving performance, or fixing bugs, we ensure the project stays on track and reaches its full potential.


Let's discuss your project and how we can help you build it.


Merging creativity and technical skills to build digital products. We understand specific challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and user engagement.

Deep domain expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge in key industries. This allows us to grasp complex problems quickly and develop targeted solutions that address specific market needs.

Strong portfolio & proven results

We have a track record of successful projects across various sectors. Our work demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality products that meet client objectives.

Dynamic, skilled & driven team

Our professionals bring diverse skills and experience to each project. We work together to solve problems and create innovative solutions for our clients.

Partner oriented approach

We build lasting relationships with our clients. By understanding their goals and challenges, we deliver tailored solutions that support their long-term success.


Building strong partnerships with our clients was number one priority since day one. We are multiple time awarded by numerous publications.


We approached the Ragebite team with a complex and ever-evolving development project - they took the time to get everything right from development to support and we are very pleased with the end result

Jospeh Bently

Head of Operations & Strategy @ LogitechG


They've got a lot of experience in the industry. Ragebite leads a timely and accommodating process through a supportive approach.

Skyler Camper

Founder @StatsEdge


Ragebite is a true example of how your development partner should be, from good communication, delivering on time, and understanding your thoughts to enhances the ideas to improve your project.

Mustafa Kur

Project Manager @365Games