Cracken Esports - gaming platform to engage in various challenges

Duration - 2018-2020

Interactive gaming expereince


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Prize pools paid out to players

The primary objective of Cracken Esports was to enhance the player experience and improve the modern-day gamers' engagement.

Services provided

Content Production, UI/UX Design, Brand development, Frontend development, Backend development, DevOps, QA testing & platform support.

About the product

Cracken brings players an extra sense of progression with the avatar system that allows them to receive loot for actions done and keep detailed stats.

Promises turned
into fun experiences

Core features developed for Cracken Esports

Single & double elimination tournaments

Tournament bracket system with both knockout and double-elimination playoff styles. A knockout tournament removes players from participating after one loss, where double-Elim. brings a second chance to win.

Leagues with elo ranking system

A performance-based type of tournament with a standings table that used an Elo ranking system provides players with a further sense of competition and an added value of fair play when matchmaking.

Loot boxes & item trading system

An essential and core gamification tool for players to keep progressing content on platform. Every action such as winning a match or participating in a tournament is rewarded with avatar customization loot which could be traded.

A custom integrated community forum

A community forum allows players to engage in a discussion about game-specific topics, search for teams, advertise their services and seek new friendly opportunities. Simply a place designed for users to talk and hangout!

Solo, party, or team matchmaking system

As a feature it has a purpose to bring players together in a team or party to participate in tournaments easily and quickly. Gamers are no longer required to have a full party of five people or have four friends to play a game.

Player and team achievement system

Every milestone performed brings joy to players. The achievements helps to push that joy to life by awarding players and teams for their efforts on the platform, whether it's a 100 played matches or something else, it'll be remembered.


“My team and I have reached out to Ragebite to help us establish a stronghold in the south-American market through an esports platform. The results they delivered were quite satisfactory throughout our partnership”

Marco Antonio Reyes
CEO & Founder, Cracken Esports

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