Lucidia Metaverse - A player governed platform fusing games and AI with P2E

Duration - April 2023 - June 2023

Gaming nexus for play-to-earn

Lucidia Metaverse is a play-to-earn platform that combines the best elements of gaming with AI infrastructure. It's designed to entertain and reward players with a unique level of interactivity and personalization, governed by the players themselves.

Services provided

Brand development, Character design, UX/UI design

About the product

A hub for gamers, uniting play-to-earn rewards with AI in a community-driven experience!

Fueling excitement in gaming!

We enabled gamers to start living in Lucidia!

Brand development

Branding for Lucidia Metaverse was shaped with a futuristic, player-driven vision. We crafted a unique identity that resonates with the gaming experience, integrating elements that reflect the innovative use of AI, ensuring Lucidia stands out in the market.

UX/UI design

Our team partnered with Lucidia Metaverse to deliver a smooth user experience, enabling easy navigation to core parts such as coin details, whitepaper, team, roadmap, and pitch deck. We focused on creating an intuitive interface that resonates with the world of Lucidia, enhancing user engagement and understanding.


“Ragebite sets the gold standard for what a development partner should be. Their knack for clear communication, timely delivery, and insightful contributions to idea development has been invaluable for elevating Lucidia Metaverse to new heights."

Victoria Iskiyaeva
Chief Marketing Officer

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