KryptX - gamified crypto trading platform

Duration - July 2022- November 2022

Gamified trading platform

During mid-2022, Cameron Fous reached out to us to push forward an MVP of an AI coach in form of a platform through which traders can maximize profits, minimize losses, and have fun while doing so!

Services provided

User experience & Interface design

About the product

A trade to earn tool. Create an avatar, level up, and earn NFT gear to customize it. More levels, more NFTs!

Promises turned
into fun experiences


KryptX's core features & selling points

Create character & NFT customization

To make trading feel more progressive KryptX allows users to create a character and customize it with NFT items earned by leveling on the platform.

Leveling and progression

Every trade performed gives users more experience earned than new levels and based on levels character races are assigned keeping the user constantly interacting.

Trading journal

A diary is used as a reference to all previous trades, how they were executed tracking all details related to them, where the information provided here is fed to the AI coach.

NFT Marketplace

A marketplace that allows users to buy, trade, and sell NFT items to customize the KryptX character. Every NFT item has a rarity assigned to it giving it a higher value.


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