A Streamlined Platform for Gaming Skin Trading

SellPixels is a platform for selling and trading skins from popular games like Dota2, CS2, TF2, and Rust, offering users a secure way to monetize their virtual items.

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// 2023 - 2024
UI/UX Design
Software development
API integration
Cloud infrastructure

SellPixels provides a secure platform for gamers to sell their in-game skins, supporting popular titles and offering multiple payment options.

SellPixels is a dedicated platform for gamers to sell and trade skins from popular games. Ragebite developed the entire system, including user-facing features and admin tools. The platform allows users to log in, track sales, manage offers, withdraw money, and fetch their Steam inventory directly. It also includes features like giveaways to boost user engagement. For the client, Ragebite created a backoffice to manage and track all platform activities, including user management, giveaway administration, and reward systems.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

The project uses a modern tech stack to ensure performance and scalability. NextJS powers the frontend, providing a fast and responsive user interface. The backend uses NestJS for robust API development. We integrated Framer.io for smooth animations, Redux for state management, and TailwindCSS for styling. The system also uses Cloud Functions, Python, and NodeJS for various backend processes. The entire platform is containerized using Docker and orchestrated with Kubernetes for efficient deployment and scaling.

// Core feature

SellPixels offers a range of features designed to make skin trading easy and secure for users. From inventory management to payment processing, each feature aims to streamline the trading process and provide a user-friendly experience.


Multi-Game Support

SellPixels supports skin trading for Dota2, CS2, TF2, and Rust, catering to a wide range of gamers.


Secure Payment Integration

The platform integrates with Cryptomus and PayPal, providing users with secure options to receive real money for their skins.

steam api

Steam Inventory Integration

Users can fetch their inventory directly through the Steam API, making it easy to list items for sale.

user dashboard

User Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard allows users to track sales, manage offers, and withdraw money from their account balance.


Giveaway System

SellPixels includes a giveaway feature to increase user engagement and attract new users to the platform.


Admin Backoffice

A robust backoffice system allows the client to manage users, track platform activity, and administer giveaways and rewards.


Reporting Tools

The platform generates weekly and monthly sales reports, providing valuable insights into trading activity.

real time

Real-Time Updates

Users receive real-time updates on their sales and offers, ensuring they stay informed about their trading activity.

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// Comprehensive Trading Platform

Ragebite developed a full-featured platform for SellPixels, including user-facing features for trading and a robust backoffice for administration.

// Secure Payment Processing

Integration with Cryptomus and PayPal ensures users have safe, reliable options for receiving payments for their traded skins.

// Data-Driven Insights

Ragebite implemented a reporting system that generates weekly and monthly reports, providing valuable data on sales and platform activity.

// Scalable Infrastructure

The use of cloud functions allows SellPixels to efficiently handle varying workloads, ensuring responsive performance even during peak trading times.

// A word from our partner

“They always found a solution to my desired features.”

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Gvido Skubrus

CEO & Founder @SellPixels


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