A Fan-Centric Platform for Game Developers

YoloGames offers a comprehensive solution for game developers to engage players, foster community growth, and integrate gameplay directly within the platform.

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// 2023 - Ongoing
Software development
UI/UX Design
API integration
Maintenance and support
Interactive UI
Leaderboard system

Tastypills approached with a vision to create a platform that would help game developers build and nurture their fan communities. Leveraging a white-label fanbase platform as the core, the project moved swiftly from product discovery to a functional MVP in just one month. YoloGames was designed with a deep understanding of next-generation engagement strategies, incorporating elements like personalized quests, rewards, and in-platform gaming to create a highly engaging user experience.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

YoloGames was built using a modern and efficient tech stack designed for rapid development and scalable performance. The frontend was developed with React and Redux, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user interface capable of handling complex state management. Firebase was utilized for real-time database capabilities, enabling features like live leaderboards and instant updates. The backend API was built following RESTful principles, facilitating efficient communication between the client and server. Prisma was employed as an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tool, simplifying database operations and queries. Strapi, a headless CMS, was integrated to manage content flexibly, allowing for easy updates to quests, rewards, and other dynamic content. PostgreSQL served as the primary database, offering robust data storage and retrieval capabilities. This tech stack allowed for the rapid development of a feature-rich platform, combining the power of real-time updates with the flexibility of content management and the reliability of a solid database foundation.

// Core feature

YoloGames offers a range of features designed to maximize player engagement and community building. Each feature is crafted to create a personalized and rewarding experience for users while providing valuable tools for game developers.


User Onboarding

Personalized system to gather user preferences, including favorite games and interests.


In-Platform Gaming

Direct integration of games, allowing users to play their favorite titles within the YoloGames platform.


Quest System

Engaging missions and challenges to keep users active and invested in the community.


Reward Mechanism

Incentives for completing quests and participating in community activities.



Competitive rankings to foster friendly competition among community members.


Membership Tiers

Structured membership levels offering various benefits to users.


Personalized User Profiles

Customizable profiles reflecting users' gaming preferences and achievements.

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// Rapid Development

Leveraging a white-label solution, YoloGames moved from concept to functional MVP in just one month.

// Direct Game Integration

Unique feature allowing users to play their favorite games directly within the YoloGames platform.

// Engagement-Driven Design

Incorporation of quests, rewards, and personalized experiences to maximize user engagement and retention.

// Community-Centric Approach

Tools and features designed to foster strong, active communities around games, benefiting both players and developers.