A VPN to enhance
in-game ping

Duration - Nov 2023 - Feb 2024

Innovate, captivate, excel

RAGEBITE's partnered with NoPing to design their website, and software interface with developing the frontend application to resonate with the gaming community. Leveraging modern visuals that speak directly to gamers, we aimed to create a connection that felt both authentic and engaging. The outcome of our collaboration with NoPing was significant, resulting in a substantial improvement in their conversion rate.

Services provided

Brand development, UX/UI design, Frontend Development

About the product

Revitalized NoPing's online presence, crafting a gaming-centric interface that resonates authentically with the community.

NoPing: Where gaming doesn't care for lag.

NoPing, the VPN designed for gamers

Frontend development

In our dedication to frontend development for NoPing, we've harnessed user to ensure a satisfying user experience. This commitment fosters a strong bond with our users, affirming their trust in the accuracy and reliability of our analytics and projections.

UX/UI design

NoPing's interface development prioritizes intuitive and engaging experiences, guaranteeing access to crucial elements. This alignment ensures that users journey within NoPing's gaming-centric ecosystem, reflecting its distinct attributes and vision.

Scope of work

“The results were the best possible.”

Thomas Gandini
CEO, NoPing

Word from our client

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