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statistics platform

Duration - Jan 2024 - Present

Analyze, strategize, dominate

RAGEBITE has been tasked with designing a product called STATSEDGE to serve detailed analytics and projections for six esports titles. The mission was to provide information through an impactful UI which is easy to navigate, from statistics to forecasts.

Services provided

Brand development, UX/UI design

About the product

STATSEDGE is an esports analytics platform, offering insights across six gaming titles.

Kindling the flame of esports fantasy and stats

Fueling triumph across every match with STATSEDGE

Brand development

In line with the mission to validate analytics and stats, we've harnessed user enthusiasm to shape STATSEDGE's brand identity. This ensures a passionate connection with our users, validating their trust in our comprehensive insights and projections.

UX/UI design

The interface development for STATSEDGE emphasizes intuitive and engaging experiences. Access to crucial elements is guaranteed, aligning the user's journey with the distinctive attributes and vision of STATSEDGE's esports analytics ecosystem.

Scope of work

“They've got a lot of experience in the industry. Ragebite leads a timely and accommodating process through a supportive approach.”

Founder of StatsEdge

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