A platform to trade & sell CS2 skins for real money!

Duration - Sept 2023 - Jan 2024

Premium marketplace experience

SellPixels.gg is designed to establish a dynamic marketplace, enabling users to seamlessly sell or purchase in-game items. The platform integrates with multiple payment processors to facilitate immediate payouts for sellers, highlighting our commitment to providing a variety of convenient transaction options. Focusing on user engagement and satisfaction, SellPixels.gg incorporates features like giveaways, selling bonuses, and an affiliate system, all built on the latest technologies to ensure a scalable, responsive experience across all devices.

Services provided

UI/UX Design, Frontend development, Backend development, DevOps, QA testing & platform support.

About the product

A bridge between brands & influencers with all the metrics in a single place.

Selling Digital In-Game Assets

Smooth End-User Market Experiene


In line with our commitment to revolutionize influencer marketing, we've embraced user enthusiasm to shape Kaizen's brand identity. This cultivates a strong connection with our users, reinforcing their confidence in our comprehensive solutions and performance analytics.

Affiliate & Selling Bonuses

The platform encourages users to not only level up their accounts and increase earnings with each sale but also to reap benefits from referrals. Every time a friend sells an item through the referral, the user earns a percentage, creating a rewarding and collaborative selling experience.

Multiple Integrations

It offers versatility in transactions, integrating PayPal for fiat currency payments and payouts, alongside Cryptomus for cryptocurrency dealings. The platform integrates with Gleam.io for engaging giveaways and utilizes Pricempire for accurate item price validation from verified markets, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable trading experience.

Giveaways & Gift Cards

Users can enter giveaways through various actions, like selling two items in a day, enhancing their experience and chances to win.  Additionally, the platform provides the flexibility to redeem various
gift cards against site balance, adding
another layer of reward to our extensive
payout options.

Functionalities & Scope

“They always found a solution to my desired features.”

Gvido Skubrus
CEO, SellPixels

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