Competitive Esports Platform for MENA Region

365Games is an esports platform designed for the competitive gaming community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, offering tournaments, leagues, and a Play-2-Earn model.

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// 2022 - 2024
Software development
API integration
Game API integration
Payment gateway integration
Leaderboard system
Tournament and league management

Building a Thriving Esports Ecosystem in MENA

365Games is a dedicated esports platform targeting the competitive gaming community in the Middle East and North Africa. Ragebite developed the entire system, including user authentication, leaderboards, leagues, tournaments, and balance management. The platform integrates with Cryptomus and PayPal for secure transactions, allowing users to withdraw winnings. Ragebite guided the client, new to the esports industry, in approaching the market effectively. The platform now boasts over 10,000 active players and has facilitated over $30,000 in payouts.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

The project uses a modern, scalable tech stack. ViteJS and React power the frontend, ensuring fast load times and a responsive user interface. The backend uses NestJS with GraphQL for efficient data querying. Prisma manages the PostgreSQL database, while Redux handles state management. The entire system is containerized using Docker and orchestrated with Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, ensuring high availability and scalability. Vercel is used for frontend hosting and CI/CD, enabling rapid updates and deployments.

// Core feature

365Games offers a range of features designed to create a comprehensive and engaging esports experience for players in the MENA region. From competitive play to rewards, each feature aims to support and grow the local esports community.


User Authentication

Secure login system allowing players to create and manage their gaming profiles.


Personalized Player Profiles

Customizable profiles for users to showcase their gaming achievements and stats.


Dynamic Leaderboards

Real-time leaderboards tracking player performance across different games and tournaments.


Tournament System

Robust tournament management allowing players to join and compete in various esports events.


League Play

Organized league systems for long-term competitive play and progression.


Account Balance and Withdrawals

Secure management of player earnings with options to withdraw winnings via Cryptomus or PayPal.


Game Integration

Direct integration with Fortnite and League of Legends APIs for accurate stat tracking and performance analysis.


Membership Tiers

Tiered membership system offering various benefits and access levels to players.

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// MENA-Focused Platform

Ragebite developed 365Games specifically for the Middle East and North Africa region, addressing the unique needs of the local esports community.

// Successful Rebuild

After an unsuccessful attempt with another vendor, 365Games partnered with Ragebite to successfully rebuild and launch the platform, now serving over 10,000 active players.

// Play-2-Earn Model

Integration of a Play-2-Earn business model, enabling players to win real money through tournaments and leagues, with over $30,000 paid out to date.

// Industry Guidance

Ragebite provided valuable consultation to the client, new to the esports industry, guiding them in effectively approaching and succeeding in the esports market.

// A word from our partner

“Ragebite is a true example of how your development partner should be, from good communication, delivering on time, and understanding your thoughts to enhances the ideas to improve your project.”

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Mustafa Kur
Project Manager @365Games


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