Esports Platform for Logitech

Ragebite engineered PlayBeyond from the ground up, creating a feature-rich platform that supported tournaments, leagues, and player engagement for Logitech's esports initiative.

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// 2019-2022
UI/UX Design
2D/3D Icons
Marketing landing page
Leaderboard system
Game API integration
Payment gateway integration
Interactive UI
Cloud infrastructure
API integration
Logo design
Software development
Tournament and league management

Building Logitech's Vision for Competitive Gaming

Following Logitech's acquisition of PlayBeyond, Ragebite was tasked with building a complete esports ecosystem. The project spanned nearly three years, resulting in a platform that hosted hundreds of events and engaged thousands of players. Ragebite developed the entire system, from user authentication to tournament management, using a microservice architecture and modern tech stack. The platform integrated with multiple games and Logitech's existing systems, creating an extensive esports experience.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

PlayBeyond was built using a robust tech stack designed for scalability and performance. The frontend utilized React, while the backend was powered by NestJS and Node.js. Real-time features were implemented using Socket.io. The system used a microservice architecture containerized with Docker and orchestrated by Kubernetes. Data management relied on MongoDB, Redis, and Memcache. The entire infrastructure was set up on Linode Kubernetes Engine, with Grafana and Prometheus for monitoring. Security was ensured through partnerships with HackerOne, while UserSnap and Sentry were used for user feedback and error monitoring respectively.

// Core feature

PlayBeyond offered an extensive set of features designed to engage players, facilitate competitions, and create a vibrant esports community. From user management to tournament organization, each feature was crafted to enhance the competitive gaming experience.


User Authentication

Centralized user system through Logi-ID, ensuring secure access across the Logitech ecosystem.


Personalized Experience

Tailored user interface and content based on individual preferences and gaming history.


XP & Level System

Progression system rewarding player engagement and skill development.


Tournaments and Leagues

Extensive competition management system for various game titles and formats.


Rewards and Quests

Incentive system to boost player engagement and retention through achievements and prizes.


Team Management

Tools for players to create teams, manage rosters, and assign roles for different game positions.


Match System

Automated and manual reporting systems with detailed match statistics.


Payment Integration

Secure transaction system for deposits, withdrawals, and in-platform purchases.

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// Full-Featured Esports Ecosystem

Ragebite developed a complete platform integrating tournaments, leagues, player progression, and community features.

// Game Integration

Seamless integration with popular titles like Splitgate, Rocket League, and Halo 5, providing diverse competitive opportunities.

// Scalable Infrastructure

Utilization of Linode Kubernetes Engine and microservice architecture to handle high user loads and ensure platform stability.

// Logitech Ecosystem Integration

Integration with Logitech's existing systems, including Logi-ID for authentication and Digital River for payments, creating a unified user experience.

// A word from our partner

“We approached the Ragebite team with a complex and ever-evolving development project - they took the time to get everything right from development to support and we are very pleased with the end result”

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Jospeh Bently
Head of Operations & Strategy @ LogitechG


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