Gaming Platform for South America market

Cracken Esports offers a diverse range of competitive gaming features, from tournaments to play-to-earn events, tailored for the South American gaming community.

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// 2018-2020
UI/UX Design
Software development
API integration
2D/3D Icons
Marketing landing page
Leaderboard system
Tournament and league management
Interactive UI
Payment gateway integration
Full-stack platform development

Building a Comprehensive Esports Ecosystem for South America

Recognizing the enormous potential of the South American esports market, Cracken Esports' founders envisioned a platform to cater to this growing audience. The project involved developing a complex product with multiple systems and integrations, leveraging previous expertise to create a comprehensive esports ecosystem. The platform encompasses a wide range of features from competitive play to social interaction, all designed to provide an engaging and rewarding experience for South American gamers.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

Cracken Esports was built using a modern and scalable tech stack. The frontend was developed with React and Redux, ensuring a responsive and interactive user interface. ExpressJS was used for building the backend API, following RESTful principles for efficient communication. Real-time features, crucial for live gaming and social interactions, were implemented using Socket.io. Redis was employed for caching and improving data retrieval speed. The entire system was containerized using Docker for consistent deployment across environments. Linode was chosen as the cloud partner, providing reliable infrastructure for the South American market. Payment integrations included MercadoPago, catering to local payment preferences, alongside PayPal for international transactions.

// Core feature

Cracken Esports offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to create an engaging and competitive gaming environment for South American players. From various match types to social features, the platform provides a complete esports experience.



Organized competitions across multiple game titles and formats.



Dynamic rankings showcasing top players and teams.


Seasonal Events

Time-limited competitive seasons with unique rewards.


Party Matches

Team-based casual gameplay for friends and groups.


Wager Matches

Peer-to-peer betting system for individual or team matches.


Play-to-Earn Events

Competitions where players can earn rewards for participation and performance.


Pay-to-Enter Events

Premium tournaments with entry fees and larger prize pools.


Branded Events

Sponsored competitions featuring unique themes and rewards.

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// South America-Focused Platform

Cracken Esports is tailored specifically for the South American market, addressing local preferences and gaming trends.

// Multi-Genre Gaming

Support for various game genres from Battle Royale to versus games, catering to diverse player interests.

// Gamified Experience

Comprehensive reward system including XP, coins, quests, and loot boxes to enhance player engagement.

// Local Payment Integration

Integration with MercadoPago alongside PayPal, providing convenient payment options for South American users.

// Design in motion

Custom-designed achievements and avatars add a unique flair, immersing players in the Cracken Esports universe.

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// A word from our partner

“Ragebite helped us establish a stronghold in the South American esports market with highly satisfactory results.”

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Marco Antonio Reyes
CEO & Founder @Cracken Esports


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