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Custom Fantasy Sports Solutions

Our solution offers real-time data, engaging features, and user-friendly interfaces to provide a dynamic and interactive fantasy sports experience.

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Custom Fantasy Platforms offer real-time stats, flexible league management, custom scoring, social features, mobile optimization, and robust analytics, enhancing user engagement and providing data-driven insights for operators.

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Custom Fantasy Platforms are ideal for sports media companies, betting operators, professional sports leagues, and tech entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the growing fantasy sports market and offer engaging, personalized experiences to sports fans.

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Complete Fantasy Sports Tools and Features

Real-Time Player Stats

Access real-time player statistics and game updates to keep users informed and engaged. This feature ensures participants have the latest information to make informed decisions about their fantasy teams.

Customizable Leagues

Allow users to create and manage custom leagues with unique rules and settings. This flexibility caters to various play styles and preferences, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Draft and Trade Systems

Implement intuitive draft and trade systems that make it easy for users to build and manage their fantasy teams. Features like live drafts, trade proposals, and player rankings simplify the team-building process.

Interactive Leaderboards

Display interactive leaderboards that update in real-time, showcasing user rankings and team performance. Leaderboards foster competition and keep users motivated throughout the season.

Mobile Compatibility

Ensure your platform is fully compatible with mobile devices, offering a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. Mobile accessibility allows users to manage their teams and participate in leagues on the go.

Community Features

Integrate community features such as forums, chat rooms, and social sharing options. These features encourage interaction, strategy discussions, and the sharing of tips among users, building a vibrant fantasy sports community.


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Yes, Ragebite designs solutions with future growth in mind. Our MVPs are built on scalable architecture, allowing for easy expansion and addition of new features post-launch. This approach ensures the product can evolve with your business needs.

This is not a pre-made solution. It's a custom build that depends on the client's specific needs. We tailor the product to match each client's unique requirements.

Ragebite follows an agile methodology, involving clients throughout the development process. We start with a discovery phase, then move through design, development, and testing stages, with regular check-ins and updates.

Ragebite typically delivers an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) within 2-3 months, depending on project complexity. Our agile development process allows for quick iterations and early user feedback.


Merging creativity and technical skills to build digital products. We understand specific challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and user engagement.

Deep domain expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge in key industries. This allows us to grasp complex problems quickly and develop targeted solutions that address specific market needs.

Strong portfolio & proven results

We have a track record of successful projects across various sectors. Our work demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality products that meet client objectives.

Dynamic, skilled & driven team

Our professionals bring diverse skills and experience to each project. We work together to solve problems and create innovative solutions for our clients.

Partner oriented approach

We build lasting relationships with our clients. By understanding their goals and challenges, we deliver tailored solutions that support their long-term success.


Building strong partnerships with our clients was number one priority since day one. We are multiple time awarded by numerous publications.


We approached the Ragebite team with a complex and ever-evolving development project - they took the time to get everything right from development to support and we are very pleased with the end result

Jospeh Bently

Head of Operations & Strategy @ LogitechG


They've got a lot of experience in the industry. Ragebite leads a timely and accommodating process through a supportive approach.

Skyler Camper

Founder @StatsEdge


The platform looked the way we imagined it. We gave our ideas and rough mock ups to their team, they asked us for some inputs on style and colors, 
and they built the designs out.

Jack Knight

Founder & CEO @CallBlitz