Instant Esports Platform as a Service

Playbase.GG provides a full-featured, customizable esports platform as a service, allowing organizations to launch their competitive gaming ecosystems quickly and affordably.

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UI/UX Design
Software development
Logo design
API integration
Cloud infrastructure
Marketing landing page
2D/3D Icons
Tournament and league management
Leaderboard system
Game API integration
Payment gateway integration
Interactive UI
Full-stack platform development

Revolutionizing Esports Platform Accessibility

Born from years of industry experience and daily interactions with stakeholders, Playbase.GG addresses the need for affordable, quickly deployable esports platforms. Recognizing the challenges of budget constraints and time-to-market issues faced by many founders, Ragebite developed this SaaS solution to offer a complex competitive gaming and esports platform for a small monthly fee. The project spanned two years, encompassing all stages from market research and vision setting to MVP launch, investor pitching, and ongoing development based on user feedback.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

The platform employs a microservices architecture, likely utilizing containerization for scalability and maintainability. The frontend is built with React, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user interface. Firebase handles user authentication, providing secure and scalable user management. The cornerstone of Playbase.GG's technical innovation is its deployment system. Ragebite developed a automation process using Terraform and Pulumi, orchestrating the instantaneous deployment of isolated environments on Google Cloud Platform for each new customer. This system activates upon subscription, automatically provisioning a complete, customized esports platform infrastructure. GKE is leveraged to manage these isolated environments, ensuring data privacy and resource isolation for each client. This approach allows for unparalleled scalability and security, as each customer operates in their own fully isolated environment. The backend likely utilizes a combination of Node.js and Go for high-performance API services. Data persistence is managed through a combination of MongoDB for relational data and Redis for caching and real-time features. The platform integrates multiple payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe.

// Core feature

Playbase.GG offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide a complete esports platform experience. Each feature is crafted to be customizable, allowing clients to tailor the platform to their specific needs and branding.


User Authentication System

Secure login and user management powered by Firebase, ensuring reliable and scalable authentication.


Tournament Management

Comprehensive system for creating, managing, and running various types of esports tournaments.


League Organization

Tools for setting up and managing long-term competitive leagues across multiple games.


Match System

Robust functionality for creating, tracking, and reporting on individual matches and series.


Team and Roster Management

Features for players to create teams, manage rosters, and organize their competitive groups.


Branded Events

Customizable event creation tools allowing organizations to host and brand their own tournaments.


Multi-Language Support

Built-in localization features to cater to a global audience and support multiple languages.

account wallet

Account Wallet

Integrated financial system allowing users to deposit, withdraw, and manage funds within the platform.



Comprehensive admin tools for platform management, including customization of appearance and functionality.

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// In-House Innovation

Ragebite leveraged years of industry experience to develop Playbase.GG, showcasing our ability to identify market needs and create innovative solutions.

// Full-Cycle Development

Our team managed all aspects of product development, from initial concept and market research to MVP launch and ongoing improvements.

// Scalable Architecture Design

Ragebite's expertise in cloud technologies enabled the creation of a highly scalable and secure multi-tenant architecture using Google Cloud Platform.

// Comprehensive Product Ecosystem

Beyond the core platform, we developed accompanying assets including landing pages, customer portals, pitch decks, and marketing materials, demonstrating our end-to-end product development capabilities.

// Design in motion

The design features a clean, modern aesthetic that's highly customizable, allowing each client's unique brand to shine through.