A Crypto Prediction and Trading Platform

Dazzardo offers a gamified approach to crypto trading, allowing users to make predictions on cryptocurrency price movements and earn rewards based on their accuracy.

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// 2020-2021
UI/UX Design
Trading platform integrations
Payment gateway integration
2D/3D Icons
Software development
Marketing landing page

Transforming Crypto Trading into an Engaging Prediction Game

Dazzardo's founders approached with a vision to create a unique crypto prediction and trading platform. Through a comprehensive product discovery phase, clear goals were defined, and a roadmap was established. The result is a platform where users can predict cryptocurrency price movements, trade based on their predictions, and win money and prizes. The project involved designing and developing the entire product, from initial wireframes to a fully functional MVP, all while incorporating gamification elements to enhance user engagement.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

Dazzardo was built using a robust and scalable tech stack. The frontend was developed with React and Redux, ensuring a responsive and interactive user interface. On the backend, a combination of Node.js and NestJS was used, implementing a microservices architecture for improved scalability and maintainability. Data management relied on MongoDB and Redis for efficient data storage and retrieval. The platform's real-time features, crucial for live trading and predictions, were implemented using Socket.io. Blockchain integration was achieved using Solidity for smart contract development. The entire system was containerized with Docker and orchestrated using Kubernetes for seamless deployment and scaling. TradingView was integrated to provide professional-grade charting and analysis tools. Cypress was employed for end-to-end testing, ensuring the platform's reliability.

// Core feature

Dazzardo offers a range of features designed to create an engaging and rewarding crypto prediction and trading experience. Each feature is crafted to enhance user participation and provide multiple avenues for earning rewards.


User Authentication

Secure login system with personalized user profiles and experiences.


Prediction Events

Regular cryptocurrency prediction events where users forecast price movements.


Interactive Leaderboards

Dynamic rankings showcasing top predictors and traders on the platform.


Reward System

Diverse prize pool including monetary rewards and platform-specific gifts.


Affiliate Program

User referral system to grow the community and reward active members.


Proof Indicators

Tools and metrics to help users make informed predictions and trades.


Crypto Exchange Integration

Direct access to crypto trading functionalities within the platform.


In-Platform Shop

Marketplace for users to spend their earnings on various digital items or benefits.

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// Gamified Crypto Predictions

Dazzardo transforms crypto trading into an engaging game of predictions, where users can win based on their market foresight.

// Real-Time Market Integration

Integration with TradingView provides users with professional-grade charts and analysis tools for informed decision-making.

// Scalable Architecture

Utilization of microservices and cloud technologies ensures the platform can handle high user loads and real-time data processing.

// Blockchain-Powered Rewards

Implementation of smart contracts for transparent and automated reward distribution based on prediction accuracy.

// A word from our partner

“Ragebite delivered an amazing and outstanding UI/UX flow. The cooperation was smooth and they delivered on point and within the time they expected it.”

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Markus Wolf
CEO & Founder @Dazzardo


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