A Gamified Crypto Trading Platform

Created for Cameron Fous and Hydrafunding, KryptX blends advanced trading analytics with gamification elements in a visually stunning digital universe.

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// 2022
UI/UX Design
Full-stack platform development
Marketing landing page
API integration
Trading platform integrations
Concept development and visualization
2D/3D Icons
Interactive UI

Crafting a Visionary Trading Universe

Cameron Fous, a veteran trader and founder of Hydrafunding, envisioned KryptX as a digital world combining gamified crypto trading with an immersive technological experience. The challenge was to understand and visualize this concept, then develop both the visual and technical aspects aligned with the overall vision. The result is a platform that not only provides powerful trading analytics but also engages users through gamification elements like quests, leaderboards, and a unique "armory" system for character customization.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

The frontend was built using React and Redux, with GraphQL for efficient data querying. The backend utilized a mix of technologies including Rust, Solidity for blockchain interactions, and NestJS with Node.js. Data management relied on MongoDB, Redis, and Prisma. The project extensively used AWS services, including Amplify, ECR, S3, EC2, DynamoDB, and Lambda. For blockchain functionality, the Ethereum chain was used for dApps and DeFi features. The entire system was containerized using Docker and orchestrated with Kubernetes. Integrations with trading platforms like MT5 and TradingView were crucial for real-time data analysis.

// Core feature

KryptX offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the trading experience while providing an engaging, gamified environment. Each feature combines practical trading tools with interactive elements to create a unique crypto trading universe.

trading reports

Trading Reports

Detailed analysis and visualization of trading performance to inform decision-making.

trading diary

Trading Diary

Personal log for traders to record thoughts, strategies, and market observations.


Trading Analytics

Advanced tools for analyzing market trends, patterns, and trading behavior.


Trading Portfolio

Comprehensive overview of current holdings and performance across various assets.


Analytic Calendar

Visual representation of trading activities and market events over time.

single trade

Single Trade Analysis

In-depth examination of individual trades for performance review and learning.

nft marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Platform for trading unique digital assets related to the KryptX universe.

nft builder

NFT Builder

Tool for users to create and customize their own NFTs within the platform.

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// Immersive Trading Experience

KryptX creates a unique digital world where advanced trading tools meet gamification, enhancing user engagement and learning. The platform integrates with TradingView, providing real-time market data and analysis within the immersive interface.

// Futuristic UI/UX Design

The platform features a cutting-edge interface with vibrant colors and abstract shapes, creating a visually stunning trading environment.

// Comprehensive Analytics Suite

Advanced tools for trading analysis, including reports, diaries, and calendars, all designed with a gamified twist.

// Blockchain Integration

Incorporation of NFT marketplace and builder, utilizing Ethereum blockchain for a decentralized trading experience.