Insightful Crypto Tips with a Retro Twist

CryptoPills is a website offering crypto tips and insights for traders and enthusiasts, founded by tokenomics engineer Eloisa Marchesoni, featuring a unique retro-inspired design.

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// 2023 - 2024
UI/UX Design
Software development
API integration
Cloud infrastructure
2D/3D Icons

CryptoPills combines expert crypto insights with a distinct retro aesthetic, providing traders and enthusiasts with valuable information in an engaging format.

CryptoPills is a platform created for Eloisa Marchesoni, a tokenomics engineer specializing in crypto market simulations and Web3 strategies. Ragebite designed and developed the entire product, focusing on a retro-inspired yet modern interface that aligns with Eloisa's personal style and the tech industry. The project includes a blog with user interaction features, custom animated emojis for Telegram, and a user panel. The design approach combines pixelated elements with contemporary UI principles, creating a distinctive look for the crypto advice platform.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

The project utilizes a modern tech stack built on AWS services. NextJS powers the frontend, ensuring fast page loads and smooth navigation. Prisma DB handles data management, while Redux manages state. AWS Amplify and Cloud Functions provide scalable backend services. The development process followed the Atomic Design approach, creating a consistent and modular interface. Ragebite implemented CI/CD for efficient updates and focused on AWS service optimization to manage costs effectively.

// Core feature

CryptoPills offers a range of features designed to deliver crypto insights in an engaging and interactive format. From informative blog posts to custom emoji reactions, each element of the platform aims to make complex crypto concepts accessible and enjoyable for users.

expert crypto

Expert Crypto Insights

Regular posts provide up-to-date information and analysis on crypto markets and Web3 developments.

retro interface

Retro-Modern Interface

A unique design blends pixelated, retro elements with modern UI principles for an engaging user experience.

user interaction

User Interaction Panel

A dedicated space for users to interact with blog content, leave comments, and use custom emojis.


Interactive Comments

A comment system on blog posts enabling users to discuss articles and share their thoughts.


Custom Emoji's

Unique, crypto-themed emoji reactions for users to quickly respond to posts and comments.


Search Functionality

Advanced search feature helping users find specific crypto topics or articles quickly.


Newsletter Subscription

Email signup feature for users to receive the latest crypto insights directly in their inbox.

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// Tailored Visual Identity

Ragebite created a distinct retro-inspired design that aligns with Eloisa Marchesoni's personal style and resonates with the tech-savvy audience of CryptoPills.

// Custom Community Engagement Tools

Development of unique 2D animated emojis for Telegram enhances community interaction and brand recognition within the crypto space.

// Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

The use of AWS cloud functions allows CryptoPills to handle varying levels of traffic efficiently, ensuring consistent performance for users.

// Ongoing Support and Optimization

Ragebite provides continuous maintenance and AWS optimization, ensuring the platform remains cost-effective and performs optimally over time.

// Design in motion

Custom animated emojis add a playful touch, making complex crypto topics more approachable and engaging for users of all levels.

// A word from our partner

“Their design concept and values are very coherent through all their outputs for the different client they’ve handled - a signature to be proud of. The team is kind and respectful.”

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Eloisa Marchesoni
CEO & Founder @CryptoPills


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