Pioneering Web3 Gaming Ecosystem in the Middle East

Lucidia is a comprehensive Web3 gaming and esports ecosystem in the Middle East, featuring NFT marketplace, gaming platforms, and digital assets, all brought to life through Ragebite's visual design expertise.

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// 2023
UI/UX Design
2D/3D Icons
Marketing landing page

Ragebite's Visual Approach to Web3 Gaming Innovation

The team developed a complete visual identity that spans Lucidia's website, platform interfaces, digital assets, illustrations, and promotional materials. This design work aimed to communicate Lucidia's vision of enhancing digital worlds through Web3 technologies. Ragebite's designs covered various elements of the ecosystem, including an NFT marketplace, login system, NFT toolkit, and digital twin technology, as well as multiple Web3 games across different genres. The main challenge was to create visuals that could adapt to the rapidly changing Web3 market while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

While Ragebite's primary focus was on visual design, the team worked closely with Lucidia's technical team to ensure the design complemented the Web3 technologies used. The visual elements were created to be adaptable across various platforms and technologies, including blockchain interfaces, NFT displays, and game integration. Ragebite's designs needed to be flexible enough to accommodate the rapidly changing nature of the Web3 market and responsive to community feedback.

// Core feature

Lucidia's ecosystem offers a range of features designed to create a comprehensive Web3 gaming experience. Ragebite's visual design work touched on each of these elements, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience across the entire platform.


NFT Marketplace

A platform for users to buy, sell, and trade unique in-game assets as NFTs, supporting the player-owned economy.


Web3 Login System

Secure authentication using blockchain wallets, allowing seamless access across the Lucida ecosystem.


NFT Toolkit

Tools for creators and developers to design, mint, and manage NFTs within the Lucida ecosystem.


Digital Twin Technology

Implementation of digital twin concepts, allowing players to have persistent digital identities across multiple games.


Multi-Genre Web3 Games

A diverse portfolio of blockchain-integrated games spanning various genres, all interconnected within the Lucida ecosystem.


Cross-Game Asset Utilization

System allowing players to use their NFT assets across different games within the Lucida ecosystem.


Community Governance

Decentralized decision-making mechanisms enabling users to participate in the ecosystem's development and future directions.

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// Unified Ecosystem Design

Ragebite created a cohesive visual language that ties together all aspects of Lucidia's diverse Web3 gaming ecosystem, from NFT marketplaces to individual games.

// Adaptable Design System

The visual approach developed by Ragebite is flexible enough to accommodate the rapid changes in the Web3 market and responsive to community feedback.

// Innovative Concept Visualization

Ragebite transformed complex Web3 concepts into understandable and appealing visual elements, making new technologies accessible to a broader gaming audience.

// A word from our partner

“Ragebite sets the gold standard for what a development partner should be. Their knack for clear communication, timely delivery, and insightful contributions to idea development has been invaluable for elevating Lucidia Metaverse to new heights.”

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Victoria Iskiyaeva
CMO @Lucidia.io


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