Competitive Gaming Platform for African Market

SportsDollars offers a comprehensive gaming platform tailored for Nigeria's unique internet infrastructure, featuring tournaments, wager matches, and multi-game support.

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// 2020-2021
UI/UX Design
Software development
Payment gateway integration
Interactive UI
Full-stack platform development
Leaderboard system
Tournament and league management
2D/3D Icons
API integration
Game API integration

Crafting a Gaming Ecosystem for Nigeria's Unique Needs

SportsDollars approached with a vision to create a competitive gaming infrastructure for Nigeria's large gaming audience. The project involved guiding the client from product discovery through MVP launch and further development. A key challenge was designing and developing a platform that could operate smoothly within Nigeria's internet infrastructure constraints. This led to a design approach favoring lightweight graphics and plain modules, coupled with technical solutions to reduce bandwidth usage and ensure smooth user interactions.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

SportsDollars was built using a microservices architecture to ensure efficiency and scalability. The frontend was developed with React and Redux, creating a responsive interface optimized for low-bandwidth environments. On the backend, NestJS was employed with GraphQL for efficient data querying. The system utilized CQRS pattern for better performance and scalability. Real-time features crucial for live gaming were implemented using Socket.io and gRPC for efficient communication between services. Data management relied on Redis and Memcache for fast data retrieval. The entire system was containerized using Docker and orchestrated with Kubernetes for efficient deployment and scaling. AWS was chosen as the cloud partner due to its high availability in the region.

// Core feature

SportsDollars offers a range of features designed to create an engaging and competitive gaming environment.


User Authentication

Secure login system with personalized user profiles optimized for low-bandwidth connections.



Organized gaming competitions across multiple popular titles.


Wager Matches

Peer-to-peer betting system for individual matches.



One-on-one or team-based competitive gaming challenges.


Achievement System

Gamified rewards for player accomplishments and milestones.


In-Platform Chat

Real-time communication system for players, optimized for low-latency environments.


Friend System

Social networking features allowing players to connect and compete together.


Notification Center

User alerts for game invites, match results, and platform updates.


Membership Tiers

Tiered membership system offering various benefits to players.


Match System

Robust matchmaking and result tracking across supported games.

account balance

Account Balance

Virtual currency system with deposit and withdrawal options.


Game Integrations

Support for popular titles including FIFA, NBA, COD, Rocket League, Apex Legends, and PUBG.

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// Tailored for Nigerian Gamers

SportsDollars is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and infrastructure challenges of the Nigerian gaming market.

// Multi-Game Support

Integration with popular titles like FIFA, NBA, COD, and more, providing a diverse gaming experience for users.

// Optimized Performance

Utilizing microservices and efficient data management to ensure smooth operation even in low-bandwidth environments.

// Secure Transactions

Integration with Payeer and PayPal gateways, providing safe and familiar payment options for Nigerian users.

// A word from our partner

“The Ragebite team grasps things in a single flash! During our cooperation we had to change the requirements for our gaming platform several times and we got an amazing product at the end!”

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Rodger Ndungu
CEO & Founder @Sportdollars


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