From Live Events to Digital Competitive Platform

UGC Esports offers a robust digital platform for competitive gaming, featuring tournaments, ladders, and integrated support for popular titles like CS and Dota 2 for North America market.

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// 2017-2019
UI/UX Design
Software development
API integration
Cloud infrastructure
Maintenance and support
Marketing landing page
2D/3D Icons
Tournament and league management
Leaderboard system
Game API integration
Payment gateway integration
Interactive UI
Full-stack platform development

Transitioning Live Event Expertise to a Digital Esports Platform

UGC Events, with their extensive experience in organizing live events for games like Halo 5, Dota 2, and CS2 in North America, sought to diversify their business model through technology. They partnered to develop UGC Esports, a comprehensive digital competitive gaming platform. The project involved translating UGC's live event expertise into a digital format, creating a platform that captures the excitement of live tournaments in an online environment. From initial concept to launch, the development included all aspects of the digital product, including branding, platform design, promotional materials, and a robust back-office system.

2017Founding year
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// Technologies used (使用されている技術)

UGC Esports was built using a modern and scalable tech stack designed for high-performance gaming environments. The frontend was developed with React and Redux, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user interface capable of real-time updates. ExpressJS was employed for the backend, creating a RESTful API for efficient data communication. Real-time features, crucial for live tournament experiences, were implemented using Socket.io. Redis was utilized for caching and improving data retrieval speeds, essential for handling large numbers of concurrent users during tournaments. The entire system was containerized using Docker for consistent deployment and scaling. Linode was chosen as the cloud infrastructure partner, providing reliable and scalable hosting solutions. Payment integrations included both PayPal and MercadoPago, catering to a diverse user base.

// Core feature

UGC Esports offers a range of features designed to bring the excitement and competition of live events to a digital platform. Each feature is crafted to enhance the user experience and foster a thriving competitive gaming community.


Tournaments and Ladders

Comprehensive competition system with various formats and prize pools.


Premium Membership

Enhanced features and benefits for dedicated players.


Activity Feed

Real-time updates on tournaments, player achievements, and platform news.


Player Profiles

Customizable profiles showcasing player stats, achievements, and history.



100 unique, specially designed achievements to reward player milestones and skills.


Game Integrations

Direct API integrations with CS and Dota 2 for accurate stats and seamless play.


Prize Pools

Substantial prize pools, with over $50K distributed, incentivizing high-level competition.


Back-Office System

Robust admin tools for managing tournaments, users, and platform operations.

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// Live Event Expertise Digitized

UGC Esports translates years of live tournament experience into a comprehensive digital platform.

// Game-Specific Integration

Direct API integration with CS2 and Dota 2, providing accurate stats and seamless gameplay experiences.

// Thriving Community

A rapidly growing player base of over 50,000 users, creating a vibrant and competitive ecosystem.

// Substantial Prize Pools

Over $100,000 in prize money distributed, attracting high-level competition and serious players.

// Design in motion

The platform showcases live tournament brackets, player statistics, and achievement unlocks, creating an immersive environment that keeps players engaged.

// A word from our partner

“Working the crew from Ragebite has been nothing short of a pleasure. Their top notch team were able to realize our vision and even helped to improve upon it.”

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Everett Hicks
Event Manager @UGC Esports


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